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Eastern Bookstore

Adult Chinese Group Classes

成人中文班 小组


Time & Location  | 时间与地点

There is no set time | 没有固定时间

Time is to be set upon communication | 请与书店沟通时间

Eastern Bookstore, 13 Elizabeth St., 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10013, USA

​注意! Notice!!!


小组 4-6人一个班, 一周 两节课,每节课 1小时

Group Class of 4-6 seats per class.

2 sessions/week

1 hour/session

Beginner 初学者

Learning course:

6 weeks (Learning Pin-Yin and Tones)

8 weeks (Learning basic conversations)

12 weeks (Learning how to read and write simple Chinese characters)


$280 (6 weeks course with no makeups)

$325 (8 weeks course with no makeups, includes the previous course)

$440 (12 weeks course with 1 makeup included and all previous courses)

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