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 Tai Chi Chuan 太極拳

About the TaiChi Class | 关于太極课程


In TaiChi exercise, special emphasis is placed on the ability to adjust overall coordination and balance under conscious control, particularly cultivating a nuanced sense of force and responsive agility through slow, fluid movements.

This skill set proves highly beneficial both in daily life and in fitness and self-defense contexts. Maintaining a tranquil mindset throughout training naturally fosters emotional regulation skills. Long-term practice yields health benefits akin to those of dynamic qigong, promoting overall well-being.


尤其是從緩慢舒展,圓潤的運動中培養出對力的細致的感受及靈敏的反應能力.。無論在日常生活或者健身自衛上都具有很大的效用. 由於在鍛煉時始終保持寧靜的心態.。自然地養成調控情緒的能力,長期操練具有動態氣功的養生保健功效。

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