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The third edition of Chinese Made Easy is written for elementary school grade 5 or 6 students and high school and university students who are learning Chinese as a foreign/ second language.


This series is also designed for young students taking exams such as SATⅡ, IGCSE, IB, HSK, or for those students who are starting to learn Chinese on their own. Here is the reference:

Books 1-3: IGCSE Foreign Language(UK)

Books 1-4: HSK Levels1-4(China)

Books 1-5: IGCSE Second Language(UK), HSK Levels1-5(China),AP(US),SAT(US)

Books 6-7: HSK Level 6(China), IB BS Level, IB BH Level


Topics of Book 5: School and education, Environment, Young people, Volunteer work, Relationship, Festivals and celebrations, Charity, Entertainment, Social networking, Customs, Learning technology, Culinary diversity, Urban life, Travel


The series includes:

Textbook, Workbook, Teacher’s book, word cards, picture cards, additional exercises, and digital resources.

Audio recordings of new words, texts, rhymes and listening exercises are available for download from the publisher’s website.


The course features:

  • The course features:
  • A wide variety of texts and practice materials
  • Up-date topics relevant to young students’lives
  • Careful pacing for gradual progress in language skills
  • Clearly focused goals and each unit
  • Practical tasks and activities to practice using the language
  • Regular consolidation and reinforcement of learning
  • Language materials presented in a fun and interesting way
  • Clear and colorful page design
  • Both simplified and traditional Chinese script in the vocabulary list

Chinese Made Easy Textbook+Workbook Combined (3rd Ed, Simplified, Level 5)

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