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1. 好玩兒的漢語村 The Interesting Chinese Village

2. 老師是誰的家人 Whose Family Member is the Teacher?

3. 誰吃了漢堡包 Who Ate the Hamburger?

4. 蘋果的動物園 Apple's Zoo

5. 我們來"做"一幅畫 Let's 'Make' a Picture!

6. 誰做豬大哥 Who Acts the Eldest Pig?

7. 零食真有用 Snack is Really Useful!

8. 我們都是水果 We are All Fruit

9. 誰會說韓語 Who Can Speak Korean?

10. 寶藏在哪裡 Where is the Treasure?

11. 可愛的機器人 The Lovely Robot

12. 走得很慢的鬧鐘 The Slow Alarm Clock

13. 我們去中國學功夫 We Go to China to Learn Kung Fu

14. 我們的作業 Our Homework

15. 奇怪的早飯、午飯和晚飯 Weird Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

16. 芒果為什麼知道 How Come Mango Knows?

《輕鬆漢語輕鬆讀(第二階段)套裝(簡體版)》 (Easy Chinese Easy Readers (Volume 2) Box Set (Simplified

SKU: 2221898600525


  •  2221898600525

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