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Chinese Painting 國畫班

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About the Class | 关于课程

國畫課程由著名嶺南派中國畫家廖植方先生親自教授; 上課時間為逢周六, 周日早上. 每堂由老師即場示範, 並個別指導. 用筆墨的方法, 培養各界人士對書畫的興趣及技巧.

(Enroll Year-Round!)


Traditional Chinese painting classes will be taught by Lingnan school Chinese artist Mr Liao Zhi Fang; Class starts every Saturday and Sunday mornings. The teachers will demonstrate at the lesson and teach students individually on how to use brush and ink to inspire people's interest in calligraphy and its strategies.


費用: $360 / 12節 (每節2小時)

導師/Instructors: 廖植方先生 Mr Liao Zhi Fang (Brush Painting)



Lesson times are arranged to accommodate both the teacher and the student.

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